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The Golden Rule Marble was created nearly a century ago by Jesse Shwayder, co-founder and president of the Samsonite Corporation. However, these treasured keepsakes went out of production about 50 years ago.

Carrying the Legacy Forward

In 2014, Vallmar & Co., a family-owned company from Stow, Ohio started manufacturing the new Golden Rule Marble. Headed by Vall Iliev, Vallmar & Co. is a product development company that has been engineering and developing new products since 1984.

The new Golden Rule Marble exclusively patented by Vallmar & Co. was larger and even more beautiful than the original, with a new heft and luminescence but the same inspirational message it first carried.

The Golden Rule Marble

"The descendants of Jesse Shwayder continue to promote The Golden Rule with the promotion of the "Do Unto Others" motto and through our life practices. Our family would like to thank Vallmar Studios for helping keep the legacy of The Golden Rule Marble alive. Information about Jesse Shwayder and his great grandchildren can be found at: shortmountaindistillery.comBilly Kaufman Great Great ,Great Grandson of Jesse Shwayder."


About Vallmar Studios

Vallmar Studios offers inventors the resources they need, to give their inventions a fair chance in the competitive marketplace. From prototypes to product management, engineering to licensing support, Vallmar Studios helps inventors manage the process from start to finish.

Many inventions fail because precious start-up resources are lost on misguided prototyping or inadequate patent filings. The professional team at Vallmar has nearly 30 years of experience bringing hundreds of products to market.

Vallmar’s Philanthropic Initiatives

Vallmar & Co. and the Iliev family – support a wide range of charitable organizations. Internationally, they contribute to non-profits with proven track records, especially charities dedicated to human rights and freedom of speech. In the U.S., they support numerous charities focused on families in need, single parent families, and our troops and veterans, as well as environmental, law enforcement and educational organizations.

A Beautiful Keepsake

Available in Eleven tiger eye acrylic colors, this Marble is inscribed with the Golden Rule on a brass ring encircling the sphere. Featuring a basic governing principle that transcends its early origins, the Golden Rule Marble makes a great gift for personal and business occasions. The marbles can be ordered in any quantity, with pamphlets that customize them to your business!

The Golden Rule Marble is given as a token of goodwill and a gentle reminder to the recipient to lead his or her life according to the time-honored value of Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The holder of the marble can use it as a guiding reminder in their everyday lives.

Golden Rule Marble Tag Lines

  • A marble for morality.
  • The gift that gives back.
  • The gift that keeps giving.
  • The gift that speaks for itself.
  • A gift for the greater good.
  • Greater good you can grasp.
  • Show your business cares.
  • The global ethic you can grasp.
  • Give the Gift of the Golden Rule.
  • Show your clients are your family.
  • Motivational Gift like a Power of Attitude
  • The Right Gift Make All the Difference
  • Give and you shall receive.
  • Pay it forward with the Golden Rule.
  • Transcend yourself with the Golden Rule.
  • Your values. Your beliefs. The Golden Rule.
  • A universal doctrine you can hold in your hands.
  • Practice what you preach.
  • Values, Virtue, and Morality.
  • Let your clients know your belief.
  • Your business does more.
  • You care about your clients.
  • A Golden Opportunity All Year Long

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