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A Unique Gift of Values and Principles!

Purchase the Golden Rule Marble gift set and give the gift of the golden rule marble to the people you care for. This delicately inscribed sphere will serve as a reminder of the human values that should guide us all – family, friends, customer, and employees.

A unique idea for corporate or employee keepsakes as well as sales incentives, the marble comes in 11 luminescent colors: the original black, white, blue, translucent blue, red and green, and new pearl blue, pearl green, pearl pink, crystal clear, and orange.

Each Golden Rule Marble comes nestled in a clear acrylic box with an enclosure explaining its origin. The enclosure pamphlets may be customized to include a personal or corporate message.

The Golden Rule Marble
The Golden Rule Marble

A simple and beautiful idea—to give a tangible reminder of the Golden Rule—has been reborn in this updated version of the Golden Rule Marble. It is truly “a gift to live by.”


Each marble comes with a small, double-sided pamphlet transcribed with the rule message neatly folded into a clear acrylic box. The Golden Rule Marble is a one-inch sphere made of cat’s eye acrylic, encircled by a brass band inscribed with the Golden Rule. Companies may even order the enclosure pamphlets with a personalized or corporate message. This inspirational gift will be treasured by employees and clients alike.